With outstanding views over the Pumicestone Passage and the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains the Club has something to offer members and visitors alike.


3rd August 2020



Dear Member,

There has been some feedback regarding The Club’s COVID Safe Plan and the associated Conditions of Entry that are contained within this Plan.

It is the law that a business ensures that measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of workers and users of that business. This being the case the Club has introduced procedures for the welfare of all people associated with the business. These procedures are commonly known as Conditions of Entry.


The Conditions of Entry for inside the Club as well as the bowling greens have been listed in these updates over the past five weeks. They are also displayed on notices and signs throughout the Club. These conditions are reinforced by staff, club officials and appointed marshals. Those individuals who do not follow the current Conditions of Entry will be excluded from the Club.

By law, we are required to collect details of all patrons and workers. We have the right to refuse entry.

For those members who continually fail to follow Club Policy, as it currently exists, the Board might have to consider measures which could involve disciplinary procedures for offenders, including suspension.


When it comes to taking protective action, as a community we need to rely as much on common sense and common courtesies as anything else.



These Conditions of Entry apply to inside areas as well as the bowling greens.

  1. Provide details as requested.
  2. The Club is operating under the 4sqm rule for all inside areas. All patrons must observe this rule. Furniture is not to be moved or rearranged.
  3. Patrons must observe the 1.5 m rule (Social Distancing).
  4. If you are sick or have flu like symptoms stay at home.
  5. If you have been tested for COVID-19 you are not to enter the Club until your test results are known.
  6. There must be no congregating or unnecessary movement around the Club.
  7. Entry and exit is through the front door only.
  8. No physical greetings (i.e. hand shaking, high fives etc.)
  9. Cough into elbow.
  10. Personal hygiene encouraged (e.g. wash hands when required, use the hand sanitiser at regular intervals.)


The bowls schedule is continually being updated and is returning to a sense of normality in most aspects of its organisation. The bowls program will continue as it is as the moment until we are again able to use the club before and after the games.

It must be noted that bowlers must arrive no earlier than 12.30pm for all afternoon sessions.


The arrangements for roll ups will not change for the immediate future.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding our progress through these stages please speak to a Committee member.

Yours sincerely

Peter Patrikeos



The Club boasts 4 outdoor greens and a large modern Clubhouse.  The Club is now one of the largest Bowls clubs in Queensland with over 400 bowling members together with 5000 social members.


Results Tuesday 28 July 2020

Team of the day:  F Reeves, M Prewett, I McClelland

Most Improved: G Eather, C Eather, K Soens

Best Effort: R McDermott, L Murphy, P Mannion

Encouragement Award: N Gray, I Smith, M McGregor

Results Wednesday 29 July 2020

Team of the day:  M Chalmers & S Chalmers

Most Improved: S Mitchell & A Legosz

Best Effort: F Reeves & N Holzberger

Encouragement Award: I Smith & N Gray

Scroungers Results Wednesday 29 July 2020

Player of the day:  L Tweddle

Most Improved:B Castle

Best Effort: L Deakins

Results Thursday 30 July 2020

Team of the day:  A Kinnear, D Neumann, A Riley

Most Improved: P Ditchburn, P Mann, K Mewburn

Encouragement Award: G Riley, M Young, S Teunis

Results Friday 31 July 2020

Player of the day:  L Tweddle

Most Improved: L Gilmour

Encouragement Award: S Chalmers

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On the Green

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