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  • Kevin’s Hot Wings Challenge – Australia Day 2022

    If you choose to participate in this challenge and consume these wings, please be aware of the following possible reactions (not limited to):

    • Increased heart rate.
    • Increased blood flow to the extremities and around the body.
    • Possible blurred vision.
    • Possible numbness to the extremities, face, arms and hands.
    • Possible pain within the ear canal/eustachian tube.
    • Ringing in the ears.
    • Mucous membrane reaction resulting in uncontrollable salivation.
    • Uncontrollable and involuntary tear production.
    • A pain level that you may have never experienced before.
    • A feeling of a ‘natural high’ that may come with the release of pain killing endorphins.
    • Experiencing sensations that you may have not experienced before due.

    Increased heart rate and adrenaline may induce panic and shortness of breath.

    Under no circumstances should anyone undertake consumption of these wings if they have known health issues related to the heart, blood pressure or breathing difficulties, or if they believe they may be susceptible to such health issues.

    Hot Wings Challenge Rules

    Rule 1: Eat all five (5) wings. Leave no meat. The judge’s decision is final.

    Rule 2: All of the meat must be eaten off the bone. No meat stripping or wiping off the sauce.

    Rule 3: You cannot wipe your mouth or face.

    Rule 4: You cannot drink. If you do, you’ll be disqualified.

    Rule 5: Lick your gloves clean when you’re done.

    The contestant that finishes their wings first, must then wait for five minutes of BURN TIME before they can be declared the Hot Wing Challenge Champion!

    Challengers will also need to read and sign the Hot Wings Challenge Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form before participating.

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Please click here to read and sign the Hot Wings Challenge Waiver and Release of Liability